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  • Black Cocoa Brownies
  • Black Cocoa Brownies
  • Black Cocoa Brownies
  • Black Cocoa Brownies
  • Black Cocoa Brownies
  • Black Cocoa Brownies
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Black Cocoa Brownies (min. 4)

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Indulgence and decadence at its finest. For all chocolate lovers out there, this one's for you. Best eaten warm!

  • Please note that we require a minimum order of 4 pieces regardless of flavour. Yes, you can mix & match and get 4 different flavours :)
  • Original Salted: The classic go-to flavour. Topped with Maldon Sea Salt Flakes and perfect for those who are looking for a less-sweet option.
  • Nutella: Crow-favourite hazelnut spread.
  • Ovomaltine: Sweet, creamy & crunchy chocolate spread.
  • Homemade Salted Caramel: Sweet, sticky & salty sauce drizzled on our brownies.
  • Homemade Speculoos: Made with biscoff biscuits and cinnamon for a smooth, luscious spread.
  • Milo Dino: Old-school favourite!
  • Horlicks Fudge: Malty & sticky fudge.
  • Valrhona Jivara 40%:  Pronounced flavor of its creamy & milky chocolatey notes, combined with the ultimate notes of vanilla and malt.
  • Valrhona Guanaja 70%: Guanaja, the iconic dark chocolate of Valrhona, created with a complex blend of different aromatic profiles.
  • Callebaut White: A delightful taste with pronounced milky, creamy, caramelly and vanilla notes that are in perfect balance.
  • Smoked Salt & Dark Chocolate: Surprise pockets of smooth and well-balanced dark chocolate callets, topped with Maldon Smoked Sea Salt. The perfect balance of sweet, savory, dark & chocolatey.
  • Peanut Butter & Salted Pretzel: Filled with homemade freshly ground peanut butter and topped with a crunchy salty pretzel.
  • Gula Melaka Kaya: Homemade using pure Gula Melaka, enjoy our brownies with a local twist!
  • Matcha Milk Spread: Indulge in your Matcha cravings with this delicious, smooth & bittersweet spread. 
  • Callebaut Gold: Caramel chocolate callets with rich notes of toffee, butter, and cream.
  • White Chocolate Pistachio: A homemade creamy nutty paste made with a blend of roasted pistachios and Callebaut white chocolate.
  • Allergens: Eggs, Gluten, Nuts
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